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Posted on May 10th 2022

I create monthly sermons for my Facebook, these are free but take a lot of time and preparation. If you'd like to support my work, please feel free to buy me a coffee!


The Reverend Vet Podcast - Believe it or not - Episode 3

Posted on May 2nd 2022

It's time for another episode of, Believe it or not, I have never... Kate Leeves joined me to discuss how she was christened on horseback, her love for horses and much more.


The Reverend Vet Podcast - Believe it or not - Episode 2

Posted on April 4th 2022

Welcome back to another episode of Believe it or not, I have never... This time, I was joined by a professional dog dancing trainer, Angela Richens.


The Reverend Vet Podcast - Believe it or not - Episode 1

Posted on March 5th 2022

In my latest podcast, I spoke with fellow Reverend and Vet, Allan Wright. I had a great time speaking with Allan and I hope you enjoy listening.


The Reverend Vet Podcast - Believe it or not - Episode 0

Posted on January 12th 2022

Introducing my very own podcast! Join me as I speak with Rob Swan, who has never watched Strictly Come Dancing.


The Reverend Vet: All About Pioneer Ministry

Posted on January 11th 2022

I am classed as a Fresh Start Pioneer, someone who starts new things, loves firsts and enjoys beginning with a blank canvas.


Shhh... What I Learned From My Silent Retreat

Posted on October 20th 2021

After wondering if silence is truly golden, I went on a silent retreat to calm the chaos of everyday life.


Curate’s Report, August

Posted on August 1st 2021

The last month has seen so many changes including weddings and baptisms on the increase in church (which of course is marvellous experience for a second year curate!), an exciting UEFA EURO Final and relaxation of COVID precautions.


The Veterinary Edge Magazine

Posted on May 31st 2021

I was so pleased to have the opportunity to talk to The Veterinary Edge about a cause that is incredibly close to my heart. I really relished the opportunity to use The Veterinary Edge’s platform to urge people to take the climate crisis seriously, in order for us to live in harmony and prevent the irreversible loss of biodiversity.


Woman & Home Magazine

Posted on May 11th 2021

I was over-the-moon to be featured in Woman & Home Magazine! In this interview, we discussed the transformative effect that my cancer diagnosis had on my life and how I combined both of my careers and passions, leading to success despite all odds.


May Letter from the Curate

Posted on May 1st 2021

Looking back at April it has been a rollercoaster of a month with profound moments of grief and others of great joy...


The Metro

Posted on March 18th 2021

I was asked to paint a picture of my weekly schedule for Metro News and, as you can imagine for a reverend-vet, it’s pretty hectic. In this article, you also get a little insight into mine and Dave’s life at home! If you’re wondering how I manage my time as a reverend-vet, definitely have a read.


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