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Jenny's Psalm Reflections: Psalm 48 v.1

Today’s verse is Psalm 48 v.1

“Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised in the city of our God.”


This is a Psalm of praise and full of celebration for Jerusalem which represents God’s home on earth. The Psalm goes on to describe an attack on the city, and the attackers actually give up because they see the glory and strength of God. Nevertheless, we still know that the Zion of Psalm 48 did not survive forever, the temple was destroyed and the city plundered repeatedly.

As Christians, we read the Psalm in the knowledge of the new covenant by Jesus’ death and resurrection in Jerusalem.  Rather than a physical place, Jesus Christ is the sacrament of God’s presence on earth, He is the sanctuary and a place of refuge.

What we are tasked with today is to be faithful witnesses to God’s faithfulness throughout the generations and ensure that just as God was proclaimed in ancient Zion, we continue to be bold and to proclaim this Word in the present day to those of all faiths and none.


1. Find a quiet place.

Settle yourself and sit comfortably but alert if you are in a sitting position– feet flat on the floor, back pushed hard against the back of the chair.

2. Breath in God’s power and majesty 

Breathe out any tension.

3. Be aware of your body.

Rest your feet on the floor; still being aware of them pressed firmly into the floor. Shrug your shoulders, ease your neck. Feel comfortable!

4. Rest your hands in your lap

You don’t need to be doing anything with them now. Take time to become still.

5. Take time to become still...

Take a moment to get comfortable and become still.

6. Say the verses aloud to yourself

Don’t try to analyse it. Read it again slowly, listening.

7. focus on a physical place where you feel close to God.

This may be your local church, a graveyard, a garden or even a special place in your home. Sit quietly and see whether anything about it strikes you as important for you. Tell God what it is. Ask God for what you need. Make a note of anything you want to remember.

8. Finish with this prayer of praise:

As Christ was raised by your glory, O Father, so may we be raised to new life and rejoice to be called your children, both now and for ever. Amen.

Posted on July 8th 2021

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