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Jenny's Psalm Reflections: Psalm 43 v.2

Today’s verse is Psalm 43 v.2

“For you are the God in whom I take refuge.”


Psalm 43 is a prayer to God in times of trouble and is proposed to have been written as part of Psalm 42. You may want to review last week’s Psalm to see the comparison.  The image of God as a refuge is a high point of the Psalm and emphasises how, in the midst of despair, God is always there. Tough times lead to better times and a realisation of how He gives us strength. The place of refuge is not an easy escape but is a place for gathering strength and protection, and a source of confidence and trust, that enables us to carry on moving forward, and perhaps come to a place we didn’t think we were capable of getting to. 

At one time in my life, I had a cancer diagnosis, and as I left the hospital on the day of the diagnosis, I said to myself that I would not get through chemotherapy and radiotherapy as I just couldn’t. I did of course find the strength to go through with it and the journey was an intense rollercoaster ride with God as my refuge. 

In the difficulties of life, seek God’s refuge and He will help you face these challenges head-on. 


1. Find a quiet place.

Sit comfortably but alert – feet flat on the floor, back pushed hard against the back of the chair.

2. Focus as well on your breathing.

Pay attention to in-breaths and out-breaths. You may think of breathing in God’s life and peace and breathing out any tension.

3. Be aware of your body.

Let your aches and pains be there. Rest your feet on the floor; still being aware of them pressed firmly into the floor. Shrug your shoulders, ease your neck. Take time to become still.

4. Ask God how he can make your life count.

You may have some ideas already but read the words of verse 5 again slowly and listen to what your inner voice is saying.

5. Sit quietly and feel safe.

Hand over the situation to God and ask him for his support.

6. Finish with this prayer:

God our deliverer and constant companion, help us through you to speak up for the poor and comfort the lost, through the one who for our sakes became poor and whose life was lost to bring about our salvation, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Posted on June 3rd 2021

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